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I’m a Colorado native, born in Pueblo. I grew up on a farm, listening to my dad play the drums and my mom sing before work every morning. When I was young, I began dancing Ballet Folkorico, where I began to appreciate my Hispanic and Native culture.

As a first-generation student at the University of Colorado Boulder, I have found a passion for Shakespeare and for acting and directing contemporary works that represent people of color. One of my favorite roles was Alice in Book of Will, performed as an understudy at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival.

While completing my BFA in Acting with a minor in dance, I recently directed a play called Yo Soy Una Mujer, that I wrote about my mother and my grandmother and their struggles as Mexican women in American society, and the disconnect I felt from them as a queer kid who doesn’t speak Spanish.

Out of college, I am moving to LA in 2024 to book more than just theater roles and focus on film, television, and VO.

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